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Initial Health Consult

This service provides an hour to an hour in a half of taking your horses complete Health History. To include all aspects of your horses health from head to hoof! We will go in great detail and create a complete list on symptoms to include mental, emotional and physical history. We will also go over a list of all vaccines given. We will also look at any over the counter or environment exposures your horse may have experienced. This would include such exposures like x rays or mold ect... Then Kristina will take all the information and create a health plan for your horse. This may require additional research conducted by the homeopath on possible causes and other factors before a treatment plan can be developed. I offer flat fees on the consultation, no matter how long it takes. Remedies preparations are charged separately.


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Acute Initial Health Consult

Acute consultations are extremely valuable for your horse. Feel free to call after business hours if you are in need of an acute consult. Be sure to leave a detailed message. We do our best to offer help as often as possible.
An acute should be something that needs to be addressed immediately and you will most likely take a remedy often to resolve the acute. Common Acute consults are for such ailments as the following: flu, cold, accident non-surgical, bee sting, cough, rash, allergic reaction, colic, UTI, digestion upset, body strains-- ETC.....


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This service is provided for already existing horse clients. You will need to schedule a follow up periodically as your horse is healing to determine any remedy changes and checking in to follow the correct line of healing process. Most commonly, as your horse is healing, we will see new changes occur like the layers of an onion peeled. At which we will need to address the new symptoms and offer relief with correctly chosen Homeopathic remedies. This consultation usually lasts about a half hour. We will go over your horses complete health plan as well as offer non toxic tips for your horses environment. Remedy preparations are charged separately for the consultations.