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At 102 years young, Clara Airall, (originally from Panama now living in Durham, NC) relies on naturopathic treatments from Vitality Health Force to stay healthy, fit and in shape.. Kristina has been working with Mrs. Airall virtually for three years. She routinely takes her daily tinctures and natural medicines to supplement what traditional evidence-based medicine has not been able to offer her.  Clara is an active young citizen, attends swimming class, walks 1/4 mile every day and loves to play bridge. She has a  memory beyond most and still tutors youngsters in Spanish.She has 15 great grandchildren in NJ.. We all thank you Kristina or your tender loving care.. With your help we will all live well past 100 years old!

One Love
Rev. Angela Airall

I have worked for nearly a year with Kristina and it's been a wonderful experience from literally a “coast to coast” ride. I am in NC and with just phone calls on a bimonthly basis all has turned out very well with
this form of health care.  Being an RN this is definitely an option all should look at as an alternative / or main form of health care.  Healthy is the key to success.

Paul Hesse ATP, CFI 

Kristina's skill and commitment to homeopathy have been pivotal in my healing journey.  She has always been reliable and communicative, which is key in keeping up with any homeopathic case.  I am very grateful for all the care and concerns she has shown me over the years.  I am also grateful for the things she has taught me and shared along the way in addition to her genuine kindness. 

Dr Rachel Jones DVM

Just wanted to let you know we had a FANTASTIC trip to CA and all are well and healthy :).  We rented an RV and camped along Big Sur and hiked around the coastline beaches.  So happy that Jake recovered well from his Acute Virus and no one else got it!  THANK YOU for all your support.  I know you helped make our trip possible!   Blessings,

Niki & Tom Hessler

My doctor has been monitoring my kidney function over the years.  My 2020 annual examination showed a decline in function but no medical intervention was recommended at this time. I was alarmed at this news and the prospects of a worsening condition, so I reached out for natural health alternatives.   Kristina of Vital Health Force was recommended to me by a friend.  I contacted Kristina, she performed a medical history/outline and prescribed a homeopathic combination remedy to be taken on a daily basis. I have been taking this remedy for 16 months.    My June 2021 test results indicate that my kidney function has significantly improved.  My doctor is pleased with the results and says "keep doing what you are doing".  I am elated with the results. l will continue with Kristina's service.  I highly recommend Kristina.   I credit Kristina's with helping me improve and appreciate her one on one patient interaction.

Central California

No More Inhalers !

In a very short time, thanks to Kristina’s expertise, recommendations, and remedies, my health has improved significantly!  I have been off both my preventative and rescue asthma inhalers for 2 weeks now! My lungs feel so much better, and I can breathe much easier now between getting off of the inhalers and using all the recommended remedies and supplements! I have also started going off my anxiety and reflux medications. Kristina is such a wealth of information, knowledge, and experience and is always willing to share and encourage and support! She makes herself available and responds quickly to questions.  Her prices are beyond fair.  Her caring nature is apparent, and she is a true partner in my mental, emotional, and physical health.  I would refer anyone and everyone to her.
She is a special kind of angel!

Kirsten L.


Close to a year ago in 2017, my Persian cat Ashley was lethargic and losing weight. She had been diagnosed with HyperThyroid and given medicine to take care of the problem. I left my Veterinarian because of not being able to work with her.  I had started with another vet that was recommended to me. I believed Ashley was on too much medicine and having side effects.  He didn't agree, said the only thing was subcutaneous fluids or IV's.  The test had proven pretty much the same as the other Vet, but no kidney was involved as of yet.   I was dissatisfied with the vet, and was told about Kristina Star from CA, a very accomplished Homeopathic Practitioner from my teacher.  I called Kristina, she got me in and within two days, Ashley was up and about. We took her off the medicines and treated her Homeopathically. She lived for a year and finally she succumbed to her illness. But never going into lethargy again.   P.S.  I was so impressed with Kristina that I asked her if she worked on humans, she said yes, so I started working with her, with great results!

Nancy Collins
Dennis, MA

Thank you for helping us when my 4-H sheep had triplets. After the delivery, my sheep Lola's milk would drop and we were worried.
You told us remedies to give her and it worked.

Thanks a lot

Tori, Pennsylvania

Pashmina, my beautiful cat is eating more, and the virus in her eye is much better. Her kidney and liver support remedy formula has really helped.

Bruce Evans 
Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Kristina , most of my fur has grown back. I don't look like Yoda any more. And I gained back the weight I lost. Thanks for your help.


Fiona, the pug. 

Another colic save!

Friday evening Cocoa, our other young bunny, experienced colic. Luckily, we were able to provide the same colic remedy that we have on hand for the horses. Used 4 little pellets in water. Offered every 15 minutes. Took 3 hours of remedy, and we all fell asleep. I woke up at 2:30 am to check and possibly repeat. Found Cocoa mobile and playing. She was also able to eat. Totally fine since then.  

Karen Theobald Conlin, NC

When my beloved cat Zepher was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in her mouth and only weeks to live, I was horrified. I knew exactly what I was facing because I had another cat with the same diagnosis previously. A friend mentioned that she personally knew two animals who had late-stage cancers that Kristina had been able to help. I had no idea how homeopathy would work, but I was completely amazed. As a professional animal communicator and Reiki practitioner, I knew that Zepher did not want medicines and even food or water force-fed, and I knew that Zepher wasn’t ready to go either. My hope was to buy her more time WITH quality of life. And I knew I could not do it with just Reiki, a holistic approach was needed. This also included having traditional veterinary care in the mix, but at a minimum (IV fluids when needed, pain meds on hand, euthanasia). Kristina explained that we could manage her pain, stimulate her eating and drinking, and build her immune system with “sniff doses”, which meant I didn’t have to get her to ingest anything. Kristina was an incredible support as I fought hard to manage every aspect and carry Zepher through. We had so much wonderful extra time together – 7 weeks instead of 2 weeks. She ate, drank, used the litterbox, smiled, hung out with me sniffing the air and enjoying the sunshine. And when Zepher was ready to go, I was so grateful that I only had to give her 2 doses of traditional pain meds before her transition. All of this during the worst of Covid, when vet care was nearly impossible. Now I’ll be using homeopathy as part of my regular healthcare for my animal family.

Jonquil Williams, NC

Kristina provided Molly with such thorough and thoughtful care. She was able to help us through a very difficult time post TPL surgery, when Molly's leg would not heal.  We did eventually discover a staph infection requiring a 2nd surgery to remove the metal plate.  With Kristina's help, the recovery of the second surgery was so much smoother and easier for Molly.  It allowed us to finally get a beach vacation in, and Molly could truly enjoy her favorite place on earth.

Thank you

Carol Frasso
Owner Woof in waggle Dog Spa

Thank you, Kristina, for recommending Rhus Tox for my kitty! We had a flea problem that made her so itchy she had scratched a few patches of skin/fur off. I followed your dosing directions and with just 5 doses, she was no longer scratching. Her skin has healed and we're both much happier!

Ellen Schaffer
Raleigh, NC


Kristina’s skill set extends well beyond the horses as she’s been of so much help for me as well. Thru working with her I have seen my energy levels increase and my arthritis pain decrease to the extent that I have for the first time ever been able to stay with a health and exercise program! I’ve even lost a little weight!

So grateful to have Kristina’s help in the wellness of my family, both two and four legged!

Victoria, Nevada

Autumn's eye is back to normal!
I started treatment yesterday with applying calendula-soaked gauze, and then gently wiping goo off her eye.
Gave her two sniffs of Euphrasia 30C, and then flushed her eye with warm, diluted calendula, wiping the excess off again. All together she had 5 doses of Euphrasia yesterday. By the end of the day her eye looked normal again. No more swelling, no cloudiness, no discharge.

Thank you for your prompt help!


Our first foaling experience was flawless and most importantly, both mama and foal are doing amazing! We had some concerns about mama as she had some hardening of her sacs a little prematurely. We invited Kristina to be a part of this journey with us as we wanted it to be as pure and natural as it could be and give the new foal the absolute BEST start in life! Mama delivered a healthy foal 21 days before her due date and it was in the middle of a horribly cold winter with sub 0 temps for about 3-4 weeks after birth. Mama and foal stayed strong and healthy and the foal (Baby Jireh) gladly welcomed the warm sunshine and enjoyed many sunbathing opportunities!  We are sooo grateful for Kristina’s guidance through and after our experience!  We will not foal without her!

I’m gratitude   

Brighton, Colorado